How to Rock Brown Lipstick...the Right Way

Let's go back to the 90s shall we? With fall being in full effect, so are dark lips; particularly brown, you know early 90's brown. Brown lips are back in style, but everyone may not feel like they can pull it off. Just in case you find it a bit intimidating let me give you some tips and tricks!

As with any makeup product, you must pick the right shade for you skin tone.
When you think brown, immediately many of us think a dark chocolate chip color (or maybe I'm just hungry), but let's not forget brown lipstick comes in different shades. Ladies with lighter skin tones should try a brown with a golden undertone (see Milani's Double Espresso shown below) and ladies with a deeper skin tone should try a brown that has a reddish undertone (see the lip color featured in my my post A Touch of Mink).

Don't forget the liner
Up until a couple years ago, I hated wearing liner. I have no clue what my deal was, or just didn't understand what I was missing out on but I just hated it. Now, its very rare that I put on a lipstick without it (yay for progression & open-mindedness). When using a brown lipstick, you want to make sure you stay in between the lines, your lip lines that is. I personally can get really messy with lipstick if there is no liner as a guide. You definitely don't want to go around with brown lipstick outside of the lines of your lips, no need to look like Matilda after she ate the chocolate cake.  As a bonus, lip liner also adds dimension to your lips and make them appear bigger and fuller. My all time favorite brown lip liner (that I've discovered thus far is NYX Soft Brown).

Switch up the finish
The great thing about lipstick is that you can alternative between a matte finish and a "glossy" finish. In order to turn any lipstick matte, just apply the lipstick of your choice and then pat some translucent powder on top. My favorite translucent powder at the moment is the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, which could be found at Sephora or Bloomingdales. Let's say you have the found the perfect lipstick color, but it's a matte finish. No worries, add a gloss of your choice on top. The gloss of your choice can have a tint like the Lorac lip glosses shown in the picture above or a basic clear lip gloss. It's totally up to you to decide whether you wear a matte lip or a glossy lip; which ever one you prefer! Just a tip, if you have smaller lips, a glossy lip makes the lips appear bigger.

Try a couple different shades... or three or four
Don't be afraid to mix colors together. Makeup is art, and if you can mix paint to get the color of your choosing, why can't you mix lipstick colors?

Last but not least, don't forget to exfoliate
Dry lips can be a complete buzzkill, especially under matte lipsticks. My favorite way to exfoliate is to run down to the kitchen, grab some sugar and let it sit for a little. I then take a wet wash cloth and wipe the sugar off. Simple and sweet...literally.

Finally, here are 5 of my favorite brown lipsticks, straight from the drugstore:

Hope you all enjoyed! Have you tried brown lipstick?
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