A Month of Masks - Sea Salt

Happy Monday, my Luxxe Loves! I mentioned last week that every Monday for the next month I am going to share with you some of my favorite masks.  Last week I talked about how to create an at home clay mask and next up...Sea Salt.

Get Rid of Acne

Get Rid of Acne

What You Need:
Sea Salt (Iodine Free)
Water (you can use plain water, or rose water; rose water adds a bit of aromatherapy to the process so I prefer the rose water)

The Process:
Step 1: Wet your face

Get Rid of Acne
Step 2: Add the liquid of your choice in a bowl
Step 3: Mix both ingredients together (you can use your CLEAN fingers)

Get Rid of Acne
Step 4: Take the Mixture and place it on your face
Step 5: Rinse
Step 6: Moisturize

Just an Extra Tip:
Sea Salt is verrrrrryyy good at helping minimize the size of pimples so, when I would break out, I created a sea salt spray. It's pretty much this mask in a spray bottle here's how:

Get Rid of Acne

Step 1: Pour Sea Salt into the bottle
Step 2: Add Rose Water / Plain Water
Step 3: Add a bit of Witch Hazel
Step 4: Shake
Step 5: Store

How to Use: Spray only on your active pimples and do not rinse. Let it air dry and then add the moisturizer of your choice like normal.

How to Store: I leave mine in my medicine cabinet and interchange the mixture weekly so it doesn't lose it's effectiveness.

That's it; quick, easy, yet effective. Will you be trying this sea salt mask?


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