SEPHORA COLLECTION Cushion Glossy Eyeliner - A Review

SEPHORA Cushion Glossy Eyeliner

Cushion makeup products have been the new trend lately and Sephora has definitely jumped on the train. Sephora came out with it's new Cushion Glossy Eyeliner that retails for about $18 compared to like products that retail for about $28. Want to know how the Cushion Glossy Eyeliner hold's up to Sephora's claims, keep reading.

Cushion Eyeliner

Sephora states,
What it is: A glossy, liquid eyeliner that is dispensed through an innovative cushion-like sponge paired with the must-have Angled Liner Brush #90. 

What it does: This unique cushion-like dispensing system allows the included brush to become fully saturated in rich, pigmented color for the smoothest, most even, and most precise application. 

Sephora Eyeliner Swatch

The Good:
  • Price: For only $18 you get a good amount of liner and a brush. In most cases, you'll pay $18 just for the liner or about $18 just for a liner brush. Sephora sells the #90 brush on it's own for $14 so this is definitely a great price. 
  • Brush: The Cushion Glossy Eyeliner comes with the Sephora #90, Classic Angled Brush which is a flat angled brush that is a bit stiff, but not so stiff that it feels like it's tearing apart your eyelid. I know not everyone likes a stiff brush, but I do; it helps and makes creating a precise line quickly without having to clean up the line much in the end. 
  • Packaging: The concept of this product is quite amazing. It comes in cute glass jar that holds about .14 oz of eyeliner and once you push down on the cushion with the brush the product comes out. 
  • Pigmentation: This liner is as black as they come and I love that. I've tried liners previously that claim to be black but are actually a dark grey which doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is.
  • Longevity: The biggest test for me is how any product holds up through my 8-9 hour workday plus two hour commute. By the time I got home the liner was still in place and hadn't moved one bit.
  • Non Irritating: I have extremely sensitive eye-lids and it's very hard for me to find a liner that doesn't irritate my lid when I go to take it off. This one was fairly easy to remove with soap and water and non irritating and didn't run into my eyes causing me to want to snatch out my contacts. 
The Bad:
  • Drying Time: The Cushion Liner dries entirely way to quick, making it difficult to get a smooth straight line. If you try to go back over the line again, it causes the line to disappear and then you of course would have to start over and not to mention it's frustrating.
  • A Bit Messy: I'm heavy handed and I'm not afraid to admit it, but when I first opened the package to get some product on the brush, nothing came out so I thought I was pressing too gently. So I  thought if I went back into the product and press a bit harder I would get my desired amount of product on the brush, which I did but at a price. Instead, the handle on the brush ended up covered in liquid liner and then gets on my hand all while the liner spilled out of the top of the jar onto my nightstand. This could totally be considered operator error but leads me to say, not much product ends up on the brush the very first time.
  • "Glossy", Not So Much: This liner isn't glossy. In my opinion it seems to be more on the matte side.  Personally I don't like a glossy finish eyeliner, but since it is marketed as a glossy eyeliner, I would have to say this is a con. 

SEPHORA COLLECTION Cushion Glossy Eyeliner


As much as I wanted to love this eyeliner, I just couldn't, which was quite disappointing since I like much of the Sephora Collection products. It took a lot of effort to get my liner the way I wanted it compared to my cheaper drugstore liquid liners. The concept is very neat and I love the fact that it included a brush for the price, but I'd save my money and try something different. If you are solely looking for a black eyeliner, this will do it for you, but if you are looking for a product to give you a smooth application, this isn't it.

Have you tried the Cushion Glossy Eyeliner by Sephora? What did you think?

SEPHORA COLLECTION Cushion Glossy Eyeliner - A Review SEPHORA COLLECTION Cushion Glossy Eyeliner - A Review Reviewed by Ariana Nicole on Tuesday, February 09, 2016 Rating: 5


  1. Sorry this didn't work for you! But it's a really interesting concept!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

    1. I loved the concept so much. Cushion makeup is so interesting to me!


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