Valentine's Day for the Single Girl

First things first, after reading this post, unplug from the internet. Completely. Social Media will be filled with pictures and status updates about how much one's significant other has done for them, and you wouldn't be human if you didn't feel a tad bit envious... just a tad. Instead of sitting around feeling bitter (it's okay we've all been there), here are ten things you can do to get your mind off of the fact that it's Single Girl Awareness Day:

01. Book a Massage and get your Nails, Toes and Eyebrows Done
02. DIY Pinterest Craft
03. Get Organized and Start Your Spring Cleaning Early
04. Girls Night In (call all your single friends over and spend time together)
05. Marathon of Your Favorite Movies or Binge Watch A New Show (Hello Netflix)
06. Nice, Hot Bath with a New Bottle of Wine
07. Read
08. Redecorate Your Bedroom or Home
09. Shopping
10. Update Your Blog (or start one)

Happy Valentines' Day for all my single girls & boys out there.

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