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Mac released their "Mac the Matte Lip Collection" with 22 beautiful shades; 7 Retro Matte and 15 Matte. I’ve listed the names of each shade along with their description (according to Mac). Those that have a star next to their name also have accompanying lip pencils (sold separately of course). So here we go!

Retro Matte:

Runway Nude- Light nude

Kinda Sexy- Neutral pinky rose

Steady Going- Light pink

Flat Out Fabulous- Bright plum

All Fired Up- Bright fuscia

Dangerous- Orangey red

*Ruby Woo- Vivid blue-red


Please Me- Muted Rosy-tinted pink

Naturally Transformed- Muted golden beige

Velvet Teddy- Deep toned beige

Men Love Mystery- Lavender violet

Pink Pigeon- Bright pink

Tropic Tonic- Coral

D for Danger- Brick red

*Stone- Muted greyish taupe brown

*Whirl- Dirty rose

Persistence- Peachy cinnamon

*Heroine- Bright purple

Studded Kiss - Dark oxblood red

Antique Velvet - Intense brown

Instigator- Deep Blackened plum

Matte Royal- Deep Blue 

I decided to pick up two from the collection to decide how I feel about them first before buying all the ones I liked. We all know nothing is worse than going out and buying a full collection and not liking the formula! I picked up the two that seemed to have caught my eye out of the bunch: Stone and Whirl, which both retails for $16.00. I actually really liked these! Most matte lipsticks make my lips feel fairly dry, but these didn’t. They lasted my full workday which is 8 hours including lunch, (I love to eat and I eat plenty messy foods, so any lipstick that holds up through lunch is a win in my book ). Out of the two I grabbed, Stone was my absolute favorite (maybe I just own so many nudes so whirl was kinda ehh for me) but this greyish, taupeish beauty is purely gorgeous and looks pretty good on all skin tones.  




Have you picked up any colors from this collection? If so, let me know in the comment section below!

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Cover Photo courtesy of Mac Cosmetics
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