Doesn't It Feel Great To Be...Twenty-Three!

Last Wednesday, September 9th, was my birthday and I'm still excited. I thought I would do a different type of post today; since I turned 23, I want to share 23 facts that relate to my life & some of my experiences so you all can get to know me better.

What I've learned at 22
1. Sometimes people walk out of your life with no explanation; let them!
2. You can be your own worse enemy; negative thoughts can kill your self esteem. STOP IT!
3. Don’t ever compare your life to someone else's; nothing is truly what it seems from the outside looking in
4. Anything you put your mind to, you can do
5. It’s okay to have bad days; you’ll appreciate the good ones so much more *(Did you know, crying is actually good for you?)
6. Don't hide who you really are (I am really shy but once you get to know me I'm super goofy. When meeting new people I tend to "hide" the constant joking around & laughing. I've found that people actually love that! It's more enjoyable to be around)

Bring on the goofy selfies...

Goals at 23
7. Get out of my comfort zone
8. Stop trying to “plan my life” so much
9. Grow my blog following & interact more with my current readers
10. Change my eating habits & hit the gym more often
11. Stay on my constant search to “find myself”

If I could do anything I would...
12. Adopt all the homeless pitbulls in the world (my doggy would be quite jealous) 
13. Spend just one day doing nothing but sleeping
14. Own a Sephora (since I spend so much time & money in there it's ridiculous)
15. Eat nachos & cheese fries everyday without gaining one pound!

Places I want to travel
16. Australia
17. Italy
18. Back to Japan (I miss it oh so much)
19. Egypt  (I really want to ride a camel through the desert) 
20. Costa Rica (RAINFOREST!)

Three wishes
21. A lifetime full of good health       
22. A lifetime full of happiness
23. The opportunity to travel with no limitations 

Now it's time to head to Sephora and spoil myself!  (see why I want to own one?)


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