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After a long week, nothing feels better than a facial, clean hair, a nice hot bath and a good movie (and lets not forget a candle adds the final touch). There are a few products I wanted to talk to you about today that help me unwind from a hectic week, from a brand that I am so glad I've gotten the chance to try because their products will be a new part to my permanent routine!
Maple Holistics
Maple Holistics is a manufacturer of all natural beauty products for your hair, skin and body. All products contain natural ingredients and essential oils to help solve common skin & hair issues (learn a bit more here). I was given the opportunity to try three products; the Dead Sea Mask, the Winter Blend shampoo and the Winter Blend conditioner.
Dead Sea Mask
100% Dead Sea Mud Mask:
I am a huge fan of at home masks, partially because the thought of slapping (not literally) product on my face while I lay in bed and catch up on shows excites me like you would not believe. Usually I mix up my own masks, but wanted to try something a bit different this time. I've used this a few times and I can't put this down! The 100% Dead Sea Mud Mask combines Mud from Dead Sea, Chamomile, Green Myrtle and Sage. As you can imagine, the smell is amazing! After using this mask,my face feels smooth for days. As you all know I have been dealing with acne lately and anything that can help, I'm all for it. I was breaking out when I first tried this mask and the next day all the pimples were reduced in size...significantly. I've used other masks that amazingly gets rid of the extra oil, but tend leave my skin extremely dry. The Mud Mask from Maple Holistics managed to leave me less oily, without feeling to dry. I was also able to use just a nickel sized amount to cover my entire face so brownie points for being effective without having to use a lot of product!
Winter Shampoo
Winter Blend Eucalyptus & Mint Shampoo:
As you know, I'm big on how a product smells and the Winter Blend shampoo smells like heaven thanks to the perfect mix of 5 different types of mint, jojoba oil and keratin. I know you're probably thinking five different types of mint in one shampoo might be overkill, but trust me when I say, it's perfect. Not only does your hair smell wonderful afterwards, but you get to have a spa day in the shower. I DREAD washing my hair, there is a lot of it and I feel like it's a never ending process, but it something I just have to suck it up and get done.  I've never used a product and felt like I was literally relaxing in the shower; the combination of ingredients and the steam from your shower provide a aromatherapy session right in your house. After putting the shampoo on my hair it did feel a bit dry, but its hard for me to hold this against the product since I have yet to find one shampoo that does not dry out my hair at first. So I'd definitely recommend using the conditioner right after because it is AMAZING!
Winter Conditioner
Natural Winter Blend Hair Conditioner & Treatment:
Let me start by saying, I am a naturally curly girl so my hair is naturally dry and it is VERY hard to get my hair to feel very well conditioned without pouring half the bottle onto my head. I used a quarter sized amount of product on each section of my hair ( I part my hair into four separate sections in a "T" like shape) and my hair felt SO smooth after. To say that I was amazed is truly an understatement. I did blow dry and straighten my hair afterwards, but the process was quicker than normal and my hair was still nice and soft even after all the heat I added to it. The conditioner also doubles as a hair treatment; just leave on for 5 extra minutes (which you'll want to because you'll be mesmerized by the wonderful smell), rinse and you'll be left with silky hair, thanks to the silk amino acids in the conditioner.

Even though I am in love with the shampoo and conditioner, I do wish the bottles were a  bit bigger, because I do feel like a person who washes their hair every single day would go through this fairly quickly, but everyone is different. For example I have a different timeframe of when I wash my hair depending on if my hair is curly or straight, (if it's curly: every other day, if it's straight: once a week). Both the shampoo and conditioner come in a 16oz bottle so that might work for me better than the 8oz bottle.

The mask, shampoo and conditioner have left me in awe; All three products are now apart of my hair and skin routine (YAY). I would recommend you give these products a try!

Want to try Maple Holistics free of charge? Visit this page here to receive free samples. Once you receive a free sample, simply review the product and they will send you another free full sized product.

Amazing right, but it gets better...

I loved loved loved the Shampoo & Conditioner so much that I'm teaming up with Maple Holistics to give away this set to one reader of Label me Luxxe! Follow the instructions below and Ready, Get Set, GO (like the rhyme?) Don't forget to use the hashtag #luxxegiveaway on Instagram & Twitter!

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*Products were provided by Maple Holistics for review. As always, my review is still 100% honest; see my Disclaimer here.
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  1. What makes a good shampoo or conditioner is if it can moisturize without leaving your hair feeling greasy :)

  2. A good shampoo and conditioner leave hair clean, hydrated and manageable without any harsh chemicals.


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