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It's the end of the month already! Can you believe it? Let's see what you may have missed on Label Me Luxxe.

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Why I'm Moving to a Self Hosted Blog (How You Can Too)
The Luxxe Edit

Label Me Luxxe is Moving! Okay, what! I know I literally just went through the process of redesigning the blog back in January, but I wasn't satisfied. I've decided to move to a self-hosted blog (meaning no more since I put so much work into this space I want it to officially be mine. This time, I decided not to take Label Me Luxxe down completely, but to leave it up while I move. I'll be moving to a new domain so nothing here will be disrupted. I won't be posting again until the move to the new domain is completed; as it gets closer to opening the new site, I'll post again here to let you all know. I'm very excited for this move and I'll explain why I'm making this switch in more detail at a later date. 

If I'm not here I'm on my social media handles @labelmeluxxe. Let's be friends :)


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